Walking and canoe trails at River Wey and Godalming Navigations and Dapdune Wharf

There are many different trails on the River Wey - mostly along different areas of the towpath but some also across the countryside and reaching heights that allow far-reaching views of the North Downs.

River Wey near Bowers Lock
Thames lock cottage

Weybridge to New Haw Lock 

Walk following the route of the last commercial barges on the Wey Navigations. Much of the walk is along the towpath, so largely flat and easy.

Fingerpost sign indicating the Basingstoke canal

New Haw Lock to Pyrford Lock 

Easy flat walk along the towpath and footpaths, this walk covers part of the Wey Navigation and the Basingstoke Canal.

The tumbling bay at Papercourt Lock

Papercourt Lock to Triggs Lock 

An attractive and easy countryside walk in Send, where the River Wey Navigations has its workshops.

Town mill in Guildford from the river

Dapdune Wharf to St Catherine's 

Walk along the River Wey from Dapdune Wharf to St Catherine’s and see how the river has cut through the North Downs making Guildford an important ‘gap town’ and experience some spectacular views along the way.