Bringing art to Walk Wood

The recently constructed series of sculptures in Walk Wood at Sheffield Park have been created by local artist Keith Pettit, who lives and works in his native Sussex. An artist, designer, sculptor and wood engraver, he is an accomplished artist who is inspired by and likes to work with natural materials.

Since his early signwriting days, Keith has gone on to create a body of work that includes site-specific sculptures, beautiful wood engravings and his unique and very dramatic bonfire sculptures.  Keith’s spectacular creation ‘Britannia’ for the Queen’s jubilee resulted in a growing popularity for his work and an invitation to tea with the Queen.

Keith was chosen to create the pieces for Walk Wood because of his clear empathy for his natural surroundings and his ability to both draw inspiration from and communicate his intimate knowledge of the evolving interaction with our natural environment.

The Walk Wood sculptures have been almost entirely created by using materials sourced from the immediate surroundings.  The repeating spiral and portal theme that runs through many of the works in a nod to the power of life and creation Keith felt during his extended periods spent in the woods.

Talking about ‘Cycle’, one of the spirals he created under trees, Keith said “Fibonacci spirals arc away from this venerable yew.  The Fibonacci sequence is amongst other things the mathematics of growth and life; this sculpture is all about our universal and living world.  Significantly, it is made up of branches collected from the surrounding woods, which even now are beginning to rot and decay, thus completing the life cycle of our world.”

Root plate sculpture in Walk Wood, Sheffield Park, East Sussex
Root plate sculpture in Walk Wood Sheffield Park, East sussex
Root plate sculpture in Walk Wood, Sheffield Park, East Sussex