Waterlilies at Sheffield Park

This is the time of year that our famous lakes burst with colour as the seven species of waterlily come into bloom. Head out onto our floating pontoon for a closer look and enjoy all that these graceful plants have to offer.

Enjoy the view from the pontoon during the Waterlily Festival
Sheffield Park pontoon
Enjoy the view from the pontoon during the Waterlily Festival

Get closer to the waterlilies 

In order to get closer to the waterlilies again this summer, we have installed a floating pontoon on Middle Lake to give you the opportunity to walk out onto the water and see them close up. It's normally only the outdoors team that get to see waterlilies against the backdrop of the garden from this view point, so we're excited to be able to offer this unique opportunity to visitors once more this summer. 

You can also expect to see the installation of the giant lily pads and flowers created by award-winning community art charity, Same Sky. They created a big visual impact on Ten Foot Pond last year, matching the scale and grandeur of the garden surroundings. 

Identifying the waterlilies

We've put together the sheet below to share some information on the varieties of waterlilies in the lakes here, as well as a map showing you where each species is. We will have some copies available at Visitor Reception, but please feel free to print one of these to bring along or save to your phone or tablet.

Sheffield Park and Garden Waterlily Guide (PDF / 0.3232421875MB) download