Wednesday 4 November

Quercus rubra in the autumn sunshine at Sheffield Park

The smoldering embers of the autumn fire shine on during November thanks in part to the natives such as beech (Fagus) and oak (Quercus). Our gardeners Chris and Chas share their autumn highlights this week plus their tips for jobs around the garden at home.

Many of the native trees are looking spectacular at the moment. Our oak and beech are glowing in the low autumn sunlight so keep an eye our for their striking muted tones as you enjoy a walk around the garden. 

The Liquidambar are offering some beautiful colour with a sqwathe of cherry red and yellow leaves.

The Taxodium distichum (swamp cypress) at the top end of Ten Foot Pond is a magnificent shade and the Metasequoia glyptostroboides (dawn redwood) is another favourite to spot. 

Golden leaves reflected in the lake
Golden leaves reflected in the lake at Sheffield Park, East Sussex
Golden leaves reflected in the lake

The pampas grass and royal ferns around the lakes really come into their own at this time of year, adding texture and movement to the classic views over the lakes along with a dash of colour. 

As leaves are falling our winter interest plants are taking the stage, initially the conifers are starting to come to the foreground and stand out amongst the rest of the collection, particularly our Blue Atlas Cedars. 

Tips for your garden at home

• Now is the time to start gathering leaves for leaf mulch and to stop the leaves suppressing the grass in your lawns. 

• Cut back any herbaceous plants that don’t have decorative seed heads and weed and mulch beds for the winter. 

•Now the weather is getting colder, it’s perfect bulb planting season, especially tulips which need cold weather for planting to avoid tulip fire a fungal disease. 

Planting and planning your spring garden
Pruning, planting and planning your spring garden
Planting and planning your spring garden