Shute Barton

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Shute Barton is open for pre-booked tours. The first tours are on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 June 2022. You can book your tour time up to two weeks in advance of each opening.

Medieval house with later architectural features

Shute Barton

Things to see and do

Things to do

Shute Barton holiday home


A few times of year the house is opened to pre-booked guided tours. These reveal the rich and varied history of the house; the stories of it's residents; and the parts of the house which have little changed since it was abandoned for new Shute House in the 1780s.

Shute Barton


View of Shute Barton from the avenue

More to discover at Shute Barton 

Shute Barton is just one part of what remains of this medieval estate. Take a walk around Shute and discover other clues to how this medieval homestead might have looked.