A Mapp and Lucia Christmas

Lamb House dining table dressed for Christmas

Lamb House’s joyful early 1930s Christmas exhibition takes you to the world of Mapp and Lucia novels, written by E.F. Benson and inspired by his neighbours when he lived in Rye.

Visiting this Christmas

Benson wrote all his Mapp and Lucia novels from Lamb House, based on the Rye characters he observed from his discreet Garden Room window. The team at Lamb have dressed the house in a joyful 1930s' Christmas setting to transport you to the world of Mapp and Lucia and revel in the novels festivities.

" In spite of her readiness to be interrupted at any moment, Miss Mapp spent a solitary evening. She had pulled a cracker with Withers, and severely jarred a tooth over a threepenny-piece in the plum pudding, but there had been no other events. Once or twice, in order to see what the night was like, she had gone to the window of the garden-room, and had been aware that there was a light in Major Benjy's house, but when half-past ten struck, she had despaired of company and gone to bed. A little carol singing in the streets gave her a Christmas feeling, and she hoped that the singers got a nice supper somewhere. "
- E.F.Benson, Miss Mapp, (London: The Folio Society, 1994),chapter 12, p.226
Mapp and Lucia bedroom setting
Mapp and Lucia bedroom setting
Mapp and Lucia bedroom setting

A Mapp and Lucia Christmas takes place between Monday 29 Nov- Sunday 19 Dec, open every Friday-Tuesday between 11am-4pm.

Late night opening on the 11 Dec, 11am - 8pm.