Sissinghurst Castle Virtual Tours

The cottage garden in summer, Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Take in the beauty of our special place, without having to leave your own home, as you discover our virtual tours.

You can explore with your mouse, the control buttons on your keyboard or the control icons on-screen.
Using a mouse: Click and drag the cursor on-screen in the direction you want to look. If your mouse has a roller button, use it to zoom in/out.
Using on-screen icons: Click and hold the screen icons to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) buttons allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard arrow keys: Press the arrow keys to navigate. The + (plus) and - (minus) keys allow you to zoom in/out.
Using keyboard tab keys: Tab through the on-screen buttons and hold down the space bar to navigate. Shift + tab will tab back to the previous on-screen button.
The Rose Garden in June at Sissinghurst Castle Garden

Take a tour of the rose garden

The rose garden was created as a series of garden rooms surrounded by yew hedges and walls. They are set out to replicate the missing rooms of the original ruined Elizabethan hunting lodge.

Open doors leading through to a courtyard with Sissinghurst in the background

Explore the courtyard with this virtual tour

In this tour you'll see the castle courtyard. The central gateway was built in the 1530s by Sir John Baker and the two wings north and south of it were built in the 1560s by his son, Sir Richard Baker. Today you pass through the gateway on your way to the library and the tower.

The Long Library at Sissinghurst Castle, Kent

Take a virtual tour of the library

The library was the farm’s stable when Harold and Vita bought the property in 1930. After they converted it to a library they collected some 4,000 books between 1920-1960.