Creating a Grecian garden

An artistic impression of the recreated Delos

This year, there's part of the garden that may look a little different when you visit. The gardening team at Sissinghurst are working on an exciting conservation project to re-imagine an area of the garden that was never completed by Vita and Harold.

Here you'll find the updates on the project to bring the influence of the Grecian island of Delos to the Kent countryside which inspired Vita and Harold so greatly.

This month, the main structure of the garden has really started to take shape. The team have recieved several deliveries of Kentish ragstone (a form of limestone) which will create the height and framework for planting.  

The new Kentish ragstone arrives for Delos
The new Kentish ragstone arrives for Delos
The new Kentish ragstone arrives for Delos

The 55 stones are boulder in size and range from one to twelve tonnes. Each piece of stone has been hand picked at the quarry for its shape and patina and once on site, they'll be washed to allow the stone's surface to come through.

In addition to the stone, the team are also currently sourcing plants to fit with the Medditeranean feel of the garden as well as 300 cubic metres of soil made up of two grades of washed quarry gravel, river sand and neutral ph top soil for them to thrive in.

Check back here for updates as the project progresses.