50 Things at Snowshill Manor

50 things

Bird-watching, bug hunting and den-building are just some of the 50 Things you can do at Snowshill Manor.

Snowshill Manor is a great place to tick some things off your 50 Things to do before you’re 11 and ¾ challenge. 
Here are our top tips of things to do:
Build a den – we’ve got some pre-built dens and tunnels in the woodland next to the main path from the car park to the house, but there are plenty of sticks around for you to have a go at building your own too.
Run around in the rain – obviously, we’d rather it was nice and sunny all summer but we must accept that sometimes, it’s going to rain. Instead of letting it ruin your day, why not don some wellies and a jacket and come stomp in some puddles and run around in the rain.
Make a daisy chain – our wildflower meadow and grassland areas come alive with flowers in spring and summer and if you’re lucky, you can find some late-blooming daisies to make a chain from. Simply create small slots in the stems with your finger nails and join lots together.
Make a grass trumpet – practice makes perfect. And practice is what it takes to perfect this challenge. Grab a nice big blade of grass and secure it between your thumbs before blowing to make a trumpet sound.
Hunt for bugs – with so many plants, flowers and vegetables around, Snowshill is teeming with creepy crawlies and you’re bound to see one on your visit if you keep your eyes open, from ants to woodlice and spiders to the odd cricket, the allotment is a particularly good spot for this.
Discover what’s in a pond – there are a couple of ponds for you to explore here, a small one in the garden by the dovecote and a slightly larger one as part of the new Wolf’s Cove model village. You may find the odd fish and pond skater if you look carefully, just be careful near the edge.
Go bird watching – As well as scores of doves in the dovecote here, Snowshill garden and grounds attracts a wide range of birds, including sparrows, robins and blackbirds.
A full list of the 50 Things challenge, which was first launched by the National Trust in 2012 to help engage children with nature, is available at: www.50things.org.uk