Inside Snowshill Manor

A room called Dragon showing wooden table with candlesticks and jug, fireplace with swords above and a suit of armour at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Charles Wade was an artist and architect who collected curious and interesting objects that were for him a celebration of colour, craftsmanship and design.

Wade gave each room a name, a theme and a certain purpose, without ever taking away from the interesting architectural details and features of this three-story manor – being a trained, well-regarded architect himself.

The Manor is to this day presented as Wade arranged it, a treasure trove of curiosities. There are no labels or spotlights - but don’t worry, our friendly room guides have heads filled with knowledge, and will happily tell you more, point out their favourite items and be on hand if you need any help.

Uncover the secrets of Snowshill Manor

From snuff-boxes to suits of armour, masks to musical instruments, Snowshill Manor is a treasure trove of quirky and curious objects. The collection was the work of Charles Paget Wade, a man fascinated by anything hand-crafted and made with skill.