Inside Snowshill Manor

A room called Dragon showing wooden table with candlesticks and jug, fireplace with swords above and a suit of armour at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Charles Wade purchased Snowshill Manor in 1919. Snowshill was a new start for Wade. It was a home where he could combine all his creative and artistic skills into one place for the first time. If you would like to see the manor during your visit to Snowshill, you must pre-book your timed entry ticket.

A brief history of Snowshill Manor and Charles Wade

Charles first discovered the manor in an advertisement in an old copy of County Life while serving in the First World War. After the end of the war he returned to find the manor was still for sale. He first visited the manor on a bleak February day.

He later wrote in a notebook that the ‘whole property was in a most deplorable state of ruin and neglect, but it had not been spoilt…in spite of the gloom of the day…I could visualize it as a delightful home…’

The manor house itself provided Wade the stage, an architectural backdrop, for his collection. His aim was to create an interesting and decorative effect rather than a museum. He chose the objects in his collection with three essential criteria in mind, ‘design, colour and craftsmanship.’ 

Visiting the Manor

  • If you would like to see the manor during your visit to Snowshill, you must pre-book your timed entry ticket. Please see the 'what to expect' article for more information and the link to book your ticket. 
  • In November, the ground floor of the manor is open at weekends from 11am - 2.30pm (last entry is with the 1.30-2pm timed entry ticket). 
  • Subject to volunteer availability the middle floor may also be open. The top floor remains closed in 2021.We are working hard to open as much of the manor as possible, but please be aware that the visitor route may change at short notice. Please be kind as we all find our way back to normality. 
  • There are only a limited number of tickets available to visit the manor each day so we can ensure the conservation of the manor and collection, as well as to allow visitors the time and space to enjoy their visit. 
" What a joy these old things are to live with – each piece made by the hand of a craftsman, each has feeling and individuality that no machine could ever attain."
- Charles Wade

Uncover the secrets of Snowshill Manor

From snuff-boxes to suits of armour, masks to musical instruments, Snowshill Manor is a treasure trove of quirky and curious objects. The collection was the work of Charles Paget Wade, a man fascinated by anything hand-crafted and made with skill.