Treasure Island Weekend at Snowshill

A child dressed in a pirate costume looks out from behind a fence

Pirates, parrots and treasures galore descend upon Snowshill this autumn for the inaugural Treasure Island weekend at the Cotswold manor.

Snowshill plays host to its debut Treasure Island-themed pirate weekend on 17th & 18th September 2016.

Stories and sea shanties

Do you have what it takes to be the captain of the good ship Snowshill? Why not put your treasure hunting skills to the test with our treasure seeking trail, but watch out for the sea monsters. How about learning some sea shanties while you walk the plank or listening to some daring stories of swashbuckling pirates?

Best dressed pirate

You can also get up close and personal with the villagers from Wolf’s Cove as they are bought to life by our conservation team. Come with the wind in your sails and dressed up as a pirate, best dressed wins glistening pirate treasure. Staff and volunteers will be donning their finest pirate hats and grabbing their cutlasses for this special weekend too.

Treasure Island

The story of Treasure Island was a real influence on a young Charles Wade, he even writes in one of his notebooks about being read the book by his school master. He later referred to collecting as ‘treasure seeking’.

"You can envisage that as a young boy the exciting story would spark all sorts of imagination," said Snowshill's Conservation & Engagement Assistant Harriet Groves. "We have recently found more references to Treasure Island in our model village, Wolf’s Cove. Buildings and figures have been named after characters and places in the book and what better way to celebrate this than having pirates take over for a weekend?!"
The Treasure Island weekend will involve South West pirate entertainers Pirate Attack. For more information, please see our events page.