The Priest's House

Charles Wade's bedroom in the Priest's House at Snowshill Manor, Gloucestershire

Next to the manor house is the Priest's House, a small cottage and workshop where Charles Wade lived.

Charles Wade opted to live in the modest-sized outbuildings opposite the manor. He named them the Priest's House, in honour of the days when the manor belonged to Winchcombe Abbey.

Rich history

A rich and varied history, this building had once been used as a bakehouse and, another time, a brew-house as well as more traditional farm buildings.
Wade would keep a fire burning in the kitchen throughout the year, sitting in his favourite chair reading books by his favourite authors.
A battery-powered radio became part of the furniture during the Second World War so Charles could listen to the evening news. When the batteries died, he would have to take them to the local garage to recharge them.

Wade's workshop

The Priest's House was also home to Wade's workshop, where he repaired and resroted many of the items in his collection. Mrs Hands, a lady who lived in the nearby cottages, would sometimes use the workshop space to cook for Charles. 
The sleeping quarters were up the stairs, where Charles spent cold winter nights. In the summer, he preferred to stay in a bedroom in the garden - called 'The Jolly Roger'.
Today, the Priest's House gives you a glimpse into the homelife of Charles Wade - and later his wife, Mary. It's dark and full of weird and wonderful items, exactly what you'd expect of Charles.