Winter at Snowshill Manor

Some wonderful clocks form part of the collection at Snowshill

Snowshill Manor is closed for the winter to allow us to look after the house and its vast collection and re-opens in the Spring.

Like many National Trust houses, a lot of time and care goes into looking after Snowshill Manor and its collection of over 22,000 items - meaning the house must close over the winter months.

Caring for the collection

Snowshill Manor and Garden, including the shop and tea-room, remains closed for the winter - re-opening in March. This allows the staff and volunteers to set to work cleaning and conserving the tens of thousands of items which make up Charles Wade's collection.

Snowshill Snowdrop Weekend

However, Snowshill will open on the weekend of 11 & 12 February to allow people to see and experience the spectacle that is the annual snowdrop bloom. The garden and grounds will be open from 1pm until 4pm, along with the tea-room.

Full opening times available here.