Steam Yacht Gondola

Important notice -

Gondola is now off the water until Friday 27 March 2020 when we'll be back for a new season. Keep up to date with our winter progress on our Facebook page.

Rebuilt Victorian steam-powered yacht on Coniston Water

Steam Yacht Gondola

Things to see and do

New sailing timetable for 2020

Gondola engineer

Become an Engineer for the day 

This is the ultimate steam footplate experience for a steam enthusiast. Become one of the crew for a day and see behind the scenes of Gondola, re-living the nostalgia of the golden age of steam in the engine room and up on the helm.

Steam Yacht Gondola


Steam Yacht Gondola

Venue hire

Steam Yacht Gondola


Why Gondola looks like a Venetian 'gondola'

How Gondola became a moving part of Coniston's cultural landscape...

Steam Yacht Gondola

Places to stay

Steam Yacht Gondola

Our work

A rebuilt Victorian steam-powered yacht, Lake District, Cumbria

Steam Yacht Gondola blog 

Read Sid the Sea Serpent's blog for all the 'behind the scenes' trials and tribulations of the crew