April 2017: Loungying Around

The aft saloon

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

You’ll have noticed how plush our two saloons are on this fine Victorian vessel and to make sure it stays that way we had the seat cushions in the aft saloon reupholstered for the start of the new season. 

Whenever we outsource repair work we like to use local artisans, so we were delighted to find some highly talented upholsterers right here on our doorstep in Coniston. 

The Loungy Upholstery team specialise in classic cars and boats and have done us proud with the new seating.

Newly reupholstered seating in the aft saloon
The aft saloon

But spare a thought for India who did all the work. Not only did she have to cut out and sew 192 metres of piping (that’s about the length of two football pitches), she also made 3200 buttons! Here she is about to start on the first button.

It's all smiles at Loungy Upholstery
India making new buttons

I am unable to confirm if she was still smiling three thousand one hundred and ninety nine buttons later.

The Loungy team also delivered a surprise present for us – a cushion for the skipper’s seat. It can be a long day up on the helm so a little extra care for the skipper’s derriere is much appreciated.

A comfortable seat for the skipper of Steam Yacht Gondola
Skipper's seat on the helm