Cruising into summer

A summer visit to the Lake District isn't complete without time spent out on the water and there's no better way to do that than by taking a cruise on the elegant Steam Yacht Gondola.

Our four daily cruises offer a chance to enjoy the beauty of Coniston Water's surroundings, dominated on the west side by the rugged Coniston Fells and on the east by dense woodland trailing down to the water's edge.

There's also a lot to enjoy on the boat itself, from the oppulence of the two saloons to the impressive sight of the steam engine in full flow.

If you're looking for a gift experience for someone special, you could buy a gift voucher for our Engineer for the Day experience - a chance to be a member of the crew for a whole day, learning how to work a steam engine, taking a turn on the helm and enjoying a hearty crewman’s picnic.

For families ticking off activities on the 50 things to do list, there's a whole host of adventures to be had by alighting from our jetties - climb a big hill, go bird spotting, and much more. Enjoy the long warm summer days and after cruising, there are lots of places around Coniston Water where you can enjoy a paddle and a picnic.

Engineer on Gondola
Gondola engineer
Engineer on Gondola
Steam Yacht Gondola moored at Parkamoor jetty

Choose your cruise 

More than just a boat trip, a cruise on Steam Yacht Gondola is a Victorian lifestyle experience played out on Coniston Water, one of England's most beautiful lakes.

Gondola engineer

The ultimate steam footplate gift experience 

A unique all day gift experience - be an engineer for the day aboard Gondola. Akin to a steam footplate day on a heritage railway, re-live the nostalgia of the golden age of steam in the engine room and up on the helm.