Steam Yacht Gondola blog

Welcome to the Steam Yacht Gondola blog. When we're not busy running the boat or working on repairs over the winter we'll update the blog from time to time to let you know what's been happening in the world of Steam Yacht Gondola.

Sid the Serpent, Gondola figurehead Sid the Serpent Gondola figurehead
Crew oversee the haul out of the engine room cabin aboard Gondola

December 2018: The crew's work is never done.

The crew have to work fast over the winter to give Gondola her winter makeover

Past staff, volunteers and shipyard apprentices were reunited on board Gondola

Sept 2018: Gondola ‘family’ reunion to mark ruby rebuild anniversary

A reunion of those connected to the rebuilding of Gondola 40 years ago met on board in September for some nostalgic reminiscing.

Ops Manager Bill chatting to John Kearon from National Historic Ships UK

April 2018: Gondola awarded Regional Flagship by National Historic Ships UK

We're very proud to announce that National Historic Ships UK have chosen Gondola for the Regional Flagship award 2018.

Gondola in the process of being rebuilt at Vickers Shipyard at Barrow in 1978

March 2018: Gondola's ruby rebuild anniversary

We're on a quest to find the apprentices who rebuilt Gondola in the 70's

A snowy workday

January 2018: Snowed under

It's all work, work, work over the winter

Gondola in the snow

December 2017: All at sea 

And other such nautical expressions

Gondola's sea serpent

November 2017: One flag just isn't enough

Ever wondered what the different flags represent on Steam Yacht Gondola?

Gondola steaming across Coniston Water

October 2017: Steam Yacht Gondola, or is it?

Why is it called 'Steam Yacht Gondola'?

The aft saloon

April 2017: Loungying Around

Plush just got plusher with newly upholstered seating in the aft saloon.

Steam Yacht Gondola

January 2017: Thank you

When Gondola is off the water in winter there is one thing that we miss more than anything else.

Men assembling frame

December 2016: Gondola's hibernation

Find out what it takes to put Gondola to bed for the winter.

Party on Gondola

November 2016: Gondola's annus mirabilis

From the creation of a new Sid and the introduction of the Grand Victorian Circular Tour to starring roles on TV and coming up trumps at the Cumbria Tourism Awards, 2016 has been a year of non-stop excitement on board Gondola.

Early tourists on Gondola

September 2016: Philosophy corner

Does a boat that has had all its component parts replaced remain fundamentally the same boat?