Bespoke tree climbing experiences

Two people sitting in a hammock at the top of a tulip tree at Stourhead

Our tree climbing experiences offer you the unique opportunity to learn the ropes in a world-class location. Stourhead is famous for its stunning landscape and you will be taken on a short boat ride to an island in the lake where you will be taught how to safely climb into the branches of a 100 foot tall tulip tree - one of the estates most iconic and beautiful trees. Having enjoyed the thrill of climbing to the top, you can then relax in one of our canopy hammocks and admire a view that few others ever have the opportunity to enjoy.

James, Joe and their team of professional tree climbers, look forward to welcoming you on this bespoke experience.

Each session lasts for three hours, during which time you will be taught all the necessary skills to ascend and descend the ropes safely and at your own speed.

All safety and climbing equipment is provided by us. Suitable clothing is recommended, such as trainers, trousers (comfortable), t-shirt, jumper and a waterproof.

Instructors Joe and James will help you reach the tree top safely
Climbing instructor Joe attaching ropes to a visitor
Instructors Joe and James will help you reach the tree top safely

We start off with a short walk to the lakeshore before you are ferried across to an island on a rowing boat. Once on the island you will receive a safety briefing and be introduced to the climbing equipment you will be using. Our experienced instructors will guide you through how everything works. Once you are happy, you will begin your climb up into the canopy under their direct supervision. There is no rush and you will have plenty of time to take in every enchanting moment of the experience at your own pace.

A canopy hammock waits for you at the top of the ropes and you will have plenty of time to relax and look out over the lake from this unique vantage point.

When you are ready to come back down, our instructors will abseil with you and you will be given the opportunity to relax for a while on the ground before being ferried back across the lake.

You are most welcome to bring a picnic, and you are welcome to enjoy this either in the tree-top hammock or at the base of the beautiful tulip tree.

This climbing experience is available for anyone over the age of 12 (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult). Those wishing to book should be reasonably fit and confident of their own physical ability, but no prior knowledge of climbing is necessary. In our experience a person with positive enthusiasm and a head for heights will be successful. As it is a moderate challenge, if someone cannot reach the top or finds it too hard to do, then unfortunately we cannot provide a refund. We appreciate your understanding in this – thank you.

You will receive a certificate to take home as a memento of your once in a lifetime experience.

The climb to the top of the tree is exhilarating.
Climbing instructor Joe and a visitor climbing in a tree
The climb to the top of the tree is exhilarating.

A bit about James

James has been climbing trees for the last 30 years. He founded Canopy Access in the 90’s to help others explore and enjoy tree canopies safely. Since then, he has diversified and now often works at height as a freelance wildlife cameraman, a role which has taken him all round the world, often filming in the branches of the rainforest canopy for clients including the BBC, National Geographic and Netflix. He’s been fortunate to film with David Attenborough on many highly acclaimed projects along the way, and is author of the book ‘The Man Who Climbs Trees’, published by Penguin. His passion for exploring the hidden world of the forest canopy grew from his childhood in the New Forest and he still loves to climb trees for fun when not filming in them.

We’ll be launching these bespoke experiences soon, so check back for updates on this experience.

What’s the cost?

There is a cost of £400 plus a booking fee for groups up to a maximum of 5, with 2 people climbing the ropes at the same time. Individual sessions are available upon request. Each session typically last for around 3 hours and either morning or afternoon slots are available. Our tree climbing experiences are available on Fridays only.