Family fun at Stourhead

Family exploring the garden at Stourhead, Wiltshire

Stourhead is the perfect place to run around and explore as a family. There’s something different to do every time you visit.

Being a landscape garden there are plenty of places to play games like hide and seek, but there is so much more that Stourhead can offer whatever the weather.

There is something for everyone at Stourhead and visitors of all ages will enjoy the variety of events and activities on offer for families.

Adventure lanyards: The Grand Tour

Throughout the summer, our Grand Tour adventure lanyard pack will be available to borrow from visitor reception. 

Inspired by the adventures of Henry ‘The Magnificent’ as he travelled through Europe in the 18th century, soaking up its culture and picking up amazing souvenirs, this handy wearable pack is full of activities and spotter challenges for you to enjoy on your very own Grand Tour as you venture forth into Stourhead House and garden.

Bank or Bust

Pick up our summer game pack which is perfect for groups of up to five. Family and friends can play this life size version of a classic board game to 'get rich quick’ around the house and garden and players may need to get silly to earn enough Stourhead Sterling to buy their favourite parts of Stourhead.

This laugh-out-loud game for all to enjoy cost £1 per player and there is a prize for the winner at the end… But be careful you don’t go bust.

The game logo for Bank or Bust

Bank or Bust

Will yours be a tale of rags to riches? Find out if fortune is in your favour as you play our brand new summer game, Bank or Bust.

Tree climbing

Climb to the canopies of some of our towering trees this summer at Stourhead with expert instructors from the Great Big Tree Climbing Company. It’s a special experience that’s perfect for adventurers and thrill seekers from age 6-60.

A boy climbing in a tree using a rope system

Climb to new heights

Climb to the top of the trees with the Great Big Tree Climbing Company.

Summer Crafts: Build your own wildlife habitat

Join us for drop-in craft sessions at the Stableyard this August, where we will be crafting mini insect homes and birdfeeders, taking inspiration from the wildlife around us at Stourhead.

Using recycled and natural materials, you can make something truly special for the wildlife in your garden and give your little visitors the welcome they deserve. Our crafting activity, supported by volunteers, is suitable for all ages and cost just £1 per craft. It will be running each weekday in August from 10am until 2pm.

A family doing craft activities

Summer family crafts

Take inspiration from the animals that live at Stourhead, and craft something to take home for your own garden.

'50 things'

Many of the '50 things' activities can be completed at Stourhead, including run around in the rain, catch a falling leaf, climb a tree (with the Great Big Tree Climbing Company), roll down a really big hill and many more. 

To help you decide which of the ’50 things’ to tick off first, pick up your scrapbook from visitor reception. There's plenty or challenges and fun to be had, and once you have completed an activity, just ask in visitor reception for your sticker.