Cadbury Easter egg hunt: Grand Habitats

A family enjoys a spring time walk

The buds of spring have arrived and with it some budding architects here at Stourhead.

Come along during the Easter holidays and see how the creatures of the garden have taken inspiration from the makers of Stourhead and decided to renovate their homes.

Will Hedgehog impress with his stylish Italian villa? Has Frog achieved perfection with his Palladian boat house? Or does the towering grandeur of Ant HQ have the mark of true brilliance about it.

Join the hunt to discover grand habitats around Stourhead, using your map as a guide and clues from each character to see if you can spot these redesigned homes hidden around the property. Once you’ve found them, head back to the finish point to cast your vote on which is your favourite grand habitat and collect a chocolatey prize.

Our Cadbury Easter egg hunt runs from 13 – 22 April, 10am – 3pm. It's suitable for all ages and costs £2.50 per hunt.

We also have our Grand Habitats spring trail running from 6-12 April, 10am-3pm. The spring trail is £2.50 each, with an alternative nature inspired prize.