A baker taking freshly baked scones out of the oven at a National Trust café

On the 10 and 17 September Stourhead will be a hosting a new event celebrating one of the great British traditions…scones. We’ll have a variety of both sweet and savoury scones all made by our team of bakers at Stourhead.

The scone itself originates back to Scotland in the early 1500’s with it originally being made with oats and griddle baked. The word scone is said to be derived from the Dutch word ‘schoonbrot’ which translates as beautiful bread. Others argue the word originates from the Stone of Destiny, where the Kings of Scotland were crowned.

Scones became an essential part of afternoon tea when, Anna the Duchess of Bedford one afternoon ordered her servants to bring tea and some sweet breads which included scones. She was so delighted by this she then ordered it every afternoon and what now has become the English tradition; “Afternoon Tea Time”.

When serving scones there is great debate as to whether cream or jam goes first. It is the difference between the Cornish and Devonshire cream tea.  The Cornish method is to top each half of the scones with clotted cream then add jam, whilst the Devonshire method is to add jam after the cream. How will you make yours?

The range of scones on offer over both days will include:

  • Cheese
  • Fruit
  • White chocolate and raspberry
  • Cherry
  • Lavender (subject to availability in the walled garden)
  • Walnut and Dorset Blue Vinney

With such a wide selection of delicious flavours there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The event will take place in the restaurant from 12noon and will continue until the selection of scones run out.