The winter garden at Stourhead

A young family looking out across a lake at Stourhead, in the winter

After a visit to the house, visitors can take a lakeside stroll and enjoy the tranquillity of the winter landscape garden that was created over 250 years ago and enjoyed by thousands each year.

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In winter, as the leaves have fallen off the trees and many shrubs lie dormant waiting for spring, you are able to clearly see the design of the garden and how one man’s vision has turned into something spectacular.

The garden temples take pride of place during the winter months offering wonderful view-points (and shelters from the rain) before you continue on the circular walk around the lake.

The winter light and low sun creates shadows throughout the day allowing the garden to be seen in a new perspective. Sight isn’t the only sense that benefits from the winter season; the absence of leaves on the trees amplifies sounds in the garden too.

With fewer visitors the garden is quieter so you are more likely to see some of Britain’s native species of bird exploring the garden in winter.