The garden at Stourhead is springing into bloom

A view across the lake  towards the Pantheon in early spring

As you wander through the garden this spring, there are lots of spring bulbs to enjoy, and later in the season there’ll be burst of colour appearing from rhododendrons and azaleas to enjoy.

The world-famous landscape garden will be in bloom with swathes of daffodils early in spring.

Over the past few years over 25,000 daffodil bulbs have been planted, boosting the collection and the display in early spring. The view is truly stunning and it’s wonderful to see the bright yellow carpet on your walk around the lake.

Daffodils have also been planted on one of the islands in the lake, and this is the first time that the area has been re-planted in this way since the National Trust took on the care of Stourhead in 1946.

Later in the season, rhododendrons and azaleas will be bursting into bloom around the garden. They create a wonderful display, drawing you on around the lake, and are loved by our thousands of visitors each year.