What does Stourhead mean to you?

In celebration of 75 years of caring for Stourhead, we asked the people in our community what Stourhead means to their personal wellbeing in 2021. Why not tell us what it means to you and become part of the Stourhead 75 project?

" Beauty, peace, tranquility, a chance to feel something more spiritual..."
" When my late wife Barbara's health began to deteriorate, she asked me to bring her to Stourhead from our home near Plymouth in 2012, as we tried to visit most years. I requested a loan wheelchair at reception but she refused, saying she wanted to walk all the way around the lake as she always used to. Amazingly, she accomplished it - the last walk she ever managed before she passed away. I always remember our last walk when I come back here. "
" Dear Stourhead, Today we went in the woods. I and my toddler brother have been trying to catch leaves as they fall. The colours here are beautiful. I love it here."
" Stourhead is quality time with loved ones. It's exploring history. It's being outside and away from monotonous reality, work and technology. It's making memories. "

What spending time in the garden at Stourhead means to me.

Hear from Garden Volunteer Elaine, as she shares how spending time in the outdoor spaces at Stourhead helps her mental and physical health.

" This is my second trip - my first being in 2006. I told my now husband that this was where I wanted him to propose to me... he didn't manage that, but opted for Iguazu Falls instead. We have returned today with our 6 year old son and 3 year old daughter and I feel moved to tears once more. "
" Every year, my siblings and I, partners and children, come to Stourhead in October for a walk and a picnic lunch. It's time to catch up, we all enjoy the autumn colours, the hours spent chatting."
" Big trees Autumn leaves Lovers lost, In whatever Whatever weather And time forgot"
" I have been coming to Stourhead since I was born, and then to the workshops as a child. This is a place where you can live your dreams; it feels like a sprinkle of magic in a second Disney world."
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