Bank or Bust

From Thursday 26 July to Sunday 2 September, this life-size board game will have thrill seekers and risk takers discovering hidden spots all over the property.

The game logo for Bank or Bust

Perfect for teams of family or friends, this game will have players competing in crazy activities and gambling their winnings at each destination.

Visitor Experience Officer Kirsty Large described the game as ‘an opportunity for a bit of healthy competition between family and friends at Stourhead.’

‘Some of it is down to good tactics and some is pure luck, but either way it promises lots of fun, frolics and frivolity for all!’

Game packs are available for £5, and teams are to be made of up to five players. The bags supplied contain a game board (which doubles as a map and score card), dice and 15 million in ‘Stourhead Sterling’ spend on their favourite spots across Stourhead.

In this game you must channel the bravery of the Hoare family. The family of bankers and creators of Stourhead made risky investments in the South Sea Company during the 18th Century. They made their fortune and prospered in tumultuous time, but will you do the same?

Game packs are to be returned at the end of the game, but the winner will go home with a golden prize and the knowledge that they risked it all to win their fortune.