Family collage workshops

We will be running these fun filled family collage activities In the Discovery Centre on weekdays throughout the month, 10am-1pm. These workshops will allow you to drop in at any time to work on an arty creation.

A family crafting at one of the drop in workshops

Inspiration for these sessions comes from our artist in residence, Anouk Mercier. Anouk is a talented contemporary artist who creates imaginary landscapes with a collaged effect.

 These workshops, like Anouk’s own work, will encourage visitors to work with a range of disciplines to patchwork together one piece of magnificent art. Anouk described how much of her artwork is inspired by romantic landscapes such as Versailles, and this summer we are challenging you to take your influence from the beautiful surroundings of Stourhead!

Anouk herself describes how ‘this activity invites you to create your own fantasy landscape using colourful collage, inspired by myth, legends and art that inspired Stourhead’s creation.’

All ages can indulge in some arty fun with our diverse range of activities. From building confidence with instructed activity sheets, to timed team bonding collaborative drawing to help focus on the wider picture; everyone can get involved!

The show-stopping masterpiece of the workshop will be one huge collaborative canvas for everyone to engage with. A blank canvas with simple landscape outline will have visitors itching to cut, stick and draw to their heart’s content. The eclectic mix of colours and styles will transform the individual’s work into one masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.

This is the perfect, art family day out that will celebrate creativity, and bring groups together in their collaged creation.