Half-term at Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood

Paper peacock half-term craft

The Hall may still be closed but the Museum of Childhood, shop and tea room will be ready and waiting. This year at Sudbury, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, we'll be celebrating some of Sudbury's great women and their untold stories. This half-term we're celebrating one woman in particular whom we have to thank for much of our amazing museum collection.

Sudbury's women may not have been active in the suffrage movement itself but they all have played a part in what makes Sudbury what it is today. The Museum of Childhood has many to thank for its collection but none more so than the late Betty Cadbury. A large proportion of the objects you see on display in the museum today are part of her private collection, built through a lifelong passion for toys of times past.

One of Betty's many mechanical toys
Object from the Betty Cadbury collection

Half-term crafts inspired by Betty's mechanical toys

Betty was especially interested in clockwork or mechanical toys brought to life by the turn of a key. There are a number on display in the museum along with video footage of them in action as they are of course very delicate. One of our favourites is the beautiful mechanical peacock, with his genuine feathers and mechanical plumage display. Come and have a go at our drop in peacock inspired craft sessions and then see if you can find him in the museum!

Please remember that our half-term crafts will be in our boathouse down by the lake so it can be very chilly! Please dress warmly and wear sturdy footwear as it can get a bit muddy around the grounds.

Find a hidden picnic area in the boathouse down by the lake
sudbury boat house

Turn into a collection detective

We also have a half-term trail inspired by some of our favourite objects in Betty's collection. Follow the clues and see if you can find them all and maybe learn more about what makes them special.

A gnome from the Museum of Childhood's collection
A gnome from the Museum of Childhood's collection