The Garden and Outdoors at The Firs

Find out more about our Cottage Garden and outdoor spaces in all the seasons at The Firs along with our conservation work.

image of the cottage garden from the bottom of the garden

The cottage garden at The Firs Elgar's birthplace

The garden at the Elgar’s birthplace is planted in the classic cottage garden style and has changed little since Elgar was here.

Sound Garden Horizontal Xylophone

The Sound Garden at The Firs

Would you like to make some music in our sound garden?

Bees gathering pollen in the garden

Summer in the garden at The Firs

What will you see in the summer garden at the Firs?

daisy walk and picnic area at The Firs

Our work outdoors at The Firs

Have a look at what we are doing with the outdoor spaces at The Firs.