'Do it Different' at The Workhouse

Two chairs and a table sit in a colourful hand painted exhibition space

The 'Do It Different' exhibition is the result of an alternative art school produced in collaboration with local partners and Trust New Art at The Workhouse. This programme is also in partnership with Arts Council England, connecting people to National Trust places through contemporary arts.

What is the project about?

The Workhouse collaborated with artist educator Morgan Tipping, to co-create and run ‘The Factory Art School’. The artists involved named their project 'Do It Different'. In 2019, visitors were able to see the work in progress of this temporary art piece displayed and hosted at The Workhouse.

The commission is through the perspective of people with a range of abilities including physical and those on the autistic spectrum. This alternative art school is made up of young residents of Southwell’s Caudwell House, Minster View, MenCap Nottinghamshire as well as volunteers, staff and visitors at The Workhouse.

The term ‘factory’ relates to the idea of The Workhouse being a factory and the experiences of the people connected to this historic building. The final work has been brought together in an exhibition for 2020.


‘Do it Different’

Artists of a range of abilities co-created a curriculum for this alternative art school. Artist educator, Morgan Tipping, explains the story behind this project. (With thanks to Tommy Chavannes for video production.)

What will this art commission look like?

This commission encompasses a range of visual, sonic and movement based forms of expression. It is a therapeutic community art project and places high importance on experimentation and imaginative free play.

Visitors can expect to see art of a visual, tactile, sensory and narrative nature with the opportunity to connect with the experiences of the people that have been in charge of making this art. Morgan also used the material generated to directly inspire a creative film piece (with filmmaker Tommy Chavannes.)

Morgan's concept, planned to draw on unique skills from a variety of artists. This included a sound project which enabled non-verbal musicians and those with very restricted mobility to make sounds and music (this collaboartion is with Dav Shiel from  Drake Music.) Morgan also worked to create Workwear of uniforms and tactile textile based items (with illustrator and teacher Mel Rye.)

'Do it Different' operated as an open studio in 2019
A woman feels the artwork in a lifesize wooden crate whilst her baby plays on the floor below
'Do it Different' operated as an open studio in 2019

About Morgan Tipping

Morgan Tipping was selected as The Workhouse 2019 Creative Fellow by a panel of participants. Morgan is a socially engaged artist and qualified lecturer. Her experience lies in creating collaborative platforms through which she challenges contemporary stereotypes towards people facing economic and social marginalisation. 

She has a passion for working with diverse backgrounds. This has resulted in artistic collaborations with residents in care homes, refugee camps, housing estates, Pupil Referral Units for young people with autism and state schools, colleges and universities. 

" The diverse and creative collaborations over the summer have uncovered imaginative, thought provoking and emotionally impactful terrain. Over the next few months I am excited about inviting visitors to explore ‘Do It Different’ further by evolving ‘The Factory Art School’ from an open studio into an exciting exhibition for spring 2020. "

This collaborative work began at the end of July 2019. The final exhibition is now on display at The Workhouse and will be on show till the end of the 2020 season. In conjunction with the final installation there is a ‘Do it Different’ Arts Trail located in 7 shops around the town of Southwell.

Become part of the movement to ‘Do it Different’ and be inspired by visiting the final ‘Do it Different’ exhibition at The Workhouse. 

A girl paints the wooden slates of a lifesize exhibition box

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