Autumnal walks around Toys Hill

Relish the colourful changing of the seasons at Toys Hill this autumn. Our spirited trees inspired the creation of the National Trust over 100 years ago, they've seen Weardale Manor be built up and torn back down and watched as the Great Storm re-sculpted their landscape forever. A walk at Toys Hill in autumn is not just about surrounding yourself with fiery, burning hues. It's immersing yourself in the historic, beautiful west Kent countryside.

If you've got a day to spare...

Celebrate the life of National Trust founder Octavia Hill on one of our centenary walks below.

Each walk takes 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 hours to complete, but if you're feeling ambitious you can combine them both into one large figure of eight walk.

If you've got three hours...

The woods in autumn at Emmetts Garden, a National Trust property in Kent
Walking trail

Weardale circular walk 

Got a few hours to kill? The 5 mile Weardale Walk starts from Emmetts Garden but can easily be picked up from Toys Hill, and even passes by nearby Chartwell. Find a fungi foray as you pass through Scords Wood, discover dazzling autumn colour at Emmetts Garden and relax under the apple orchard at Chartwell.

If you've got an hour...

Keep an eye out for...

The Octavia Hill well at Toys Hill, a National Trust place in Kent

Well, well, well

Octavia Hill (one of the founding members of the National Trust) sank a well for the residents of Toys Hill to use and gifted it to the National Trust in 1898. The well was restored in 1999 and has some of the best views across the Weald of Kent to the Ashdown Forest in the far distance.

The bat tower at Toys Hill, a National Trust countryside site in Kent

A batty place for a tower

The bat tower was once used as the water tower for the Weardale estate. After suffering damage in the 1987 storm, we decided to convert the tower into a bat hibernaculum. The tower is well used by bats and they seem to like hanging out in their new home.

A pond that supplied water to the Emmetts estate near Toys Hill and Emmetts Garden, National Trust places in Kent

Pump it up at Pugden

Next to a beautifully calm pond you'll see the remains of the Victorian ram pump system which was used to supply water for the Emmetts estate. The basic idea behind a ram pump is simple: it uses the momentum of a relatively large amount of moving water to pump a relatively small amount of water uphill.