The history of Treasurer's House

Large four poster bed with green fabric at Treasurers House

A picturesque town house nestling in the centre of York, Treasurer's House has many tales to tell.

Out of the ordinary​

Its 2,000 year history includes a reportedly haunted Roman road below the cellar and Edwardian servants' quarters in the attics, with 13 period rooms in between. It is in these period rooms we house the collection and tell the story of Frank Green. The small award winning garden offers a tranquil oasis in the centre of the city and is planted with cold blues and whites, befitting an Edwardian gentleman.

Fascinating Frank

Frank Green was a wealthy industrialist and passionate collector who renovated Treasurer’s House to showcase his collection in historical surroundings. He knew exactly what he wanted and there are markers on the floor to locate the exact placing of key pieces of furniture.

A unique collection

The 13 period rooms house antique furniture, ceramics, textiles and paintings from a 300-year heritage. Find out more about the stories behind some of the key pieces by talking to the friendly room guides on your visit.

Preserving history

With so many antique pieces of furniture, art and textiles, conservation is an important part of the work at Treasurer's House. Many hours are spent restoring the building, collection and garden to ensure they last for many more years to come.
Frank Green threatened to haunt the house if you moved his furniture
The Drawing Room of the Treasurer's House, York
Frank Green threatened to haunt the house if you moved his furniture