“A true privilege and a unique experience”

A Scaffold Climb taking place at Tredegar House

Each week our dedicated volunteer guides have been taking hundreds of visitors up onto the scaffolding to witness the roof conservation first-hand and to take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the mansion from a completely different angle.

Despite losing the iconic view of the 17th century façade, this year has provided visitors with an insight into our conservation efforts and the challenges we face taking care of such an old family home. For many it has been an enlightening experience and one they will treasure for many years to come.

" Seeing the scaffolding led me to expect an inferior visit; this was not the case. The trip up the scaffolding was one of the highlights. "
- Visitor, July 2017

Volunteers reaching new heights

Susan Martin, one of our Scaffold Climb tour guides, has been braving all the elements to ensure visitors are able to grab this unique opportunity with both hands.

“It has been icy cold, scorching hot and thoroughly wet on occasions but not much has stopped the volunteers taking visitors up to see the impressive roof works.”

Scaffold Climbers Susan Martin and John Edney
Two tour guides pose on top of the scaffolding
Scaffold Climbers Susan Martin and John Edney

Our team of Scaffold Climbers underwent an intensive training process to ensure they were ready for the task ahead of them.

“After extensive training the team was raring to go.  We were ready for anything but the climbs have gone really smoothly so far. It is a little different to the usual type of tour we offer here and some visitors were initially apprehensive but very few found any difficulty with the climb. 

“Despite this, we’ve learnt it’s not for the faint hearted! One visitor managed to make the second step before deciding to go no further and another had to close her eyes shut during the entire descent!"

" Being able to see the roof being replaced I found a true privilege and a unique experience. The guides accompanying us up onto the roof were so knowledgeable. It was absolutely stunning. "
- Visitor, May 2017

The WOW factor

“There’s always a real WOW factor on reaching the viewing platform and from here we are able to get a new and surprising perspective of the Tredegar House parkland and beyond”, said Susan.

“On a sunny day, the sight of the Oak Avenue extending over the hill to Bassaleg is spectacular and you can even forget and forgive the presence of the M4.  It has also been great to see up close the wonderful workmanship of the builders and how quickly their work has progressed. 

“The builders were always happy to help us answer a difficult question or two on technical points.

“We have had visitors from all over the world – USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, France and even Newport.  They have loved it and expressed their enthusiasm and support by entering our fundraising raffle.

“For the volunteer team, it is clear that we have all thoroughly enjoyed this new experience and appreciate the pleasure that visitors have expressed so far. It’s a shame it has to end so soon.”

Oak Avenue extending out from Tredegar House to Bassaleg
A sunny view over Oak Avenue from the scaffolding
Oak Avenue extending out from Tredegar House to Bassaleg

Helping us take care of Tredegar House forever, for everyone

If you would like to support our conservation of Tredegar House you can text ROOF to 70123 to donate £3 or pick up a raffle ticket during your visit.