Discover Tredegar House

A family walk through the Brown Room

Our mansion has seen its fair share of dark days and golden ages. From a 'faire place of stone' to the flamboyant, red brick restoration mansion you see today...inside and out, even the walls have stories to tell.

There’s been a house on our site since medieval times and records of the house during the Tudor period – albeit a very different mansion to the one you see today – and if you stroll through our Cedar Garden you can see these two eras of brick and mortar. 

It's not just the exterior of the house that tells the tales of change. Step inside and find the most influential periods of our history brought to life. 
We love our legacy of flamboyancy and freedom to really be yourself. When you come to visit us, don't expect to be whispering in corridors and peering into roped off areas. Get ready to immerse yourself in our history with a hands on, interactive experience. 

Seventeenth Century rooms

  • Be dazzled by the glistening Gilt Room and retrace the dancing footsteps of the Morgan family in this glorious entertainment space.
  • Visit the New Parlour and take turns playing games, create your own stories with shadow puppets or dress up as one of the Morgans.
  • Marvel at the exquisite carvings of the oak panels in the Brown Room and keep an eye out for serpents, lions, griffins and weird and wonderful faces.

Below Stairs

  • Stand under the high ceilings of our Great Kitchen and imagine how much work would have gone into one of the Morgans’ many feasts.

The 1930s bedrooms

  • Get a feel for Evan's eccentricity in the King's Room and keep an eye out for his boxing kangaroo Somerset and Blue Boy - the parrot taught only dirty words. 
  • Step in the other direction and visit the Best Chamber. Opened to our visitors again in early 2015, this room has the most impressive views of the whole estate. In here, we’ve begun telling the story of Tredegar House as it is today and all the work it takes to keep it standing.