More than £3000 raised for Tredegar House

Children sign a slate at Tredegar House

Over February half-term you purchased some of the new slates set to go on the roof of Tredegar House. In doing so, we are able to take care of this special place for ever, for everyone.

We want to say a huge thank you to the hundreds of people who supported our #SignaSlate campaign. A total of £3,160 has been raised to support the £1.3 million roof restoration taking place throughout 2017. 

If you didn’t manage to visit us over February half-term you can still support the Lifting the Lid conservation project by purchasing a raffle ticket when you visit or texting ROOF to 70123 to donate £3. 

Olivia Tebbutt signs a slate for Tredegar House
A family holds up their signed slate at Tredegar House
Olivia Tebbutt signs a slate for Tredegar House

Thank you to:

  1. Steven Morgan
  2. Alfred, Emma and Jan Furtek
  3. Tysha and Anthony
  4. Francesca Lessimore
  5. Molly and Aiden Brown
  6. Mia Harris
  7. St Andrew’s Primary School
  8. Olivia Tebbutt
  9. Steve and Carolyn Smith
  10. William and Thomas Kendall
  11. Janice Thomas
  12. Andrew, Lauren and Regan Head
  13. Ella-Rose and Vincent Evans
  14. Canellas-Parish family
  15. Monty Cox
  16. Colin and Ann Macey
  17. Sophie Phelan
  18. Liam Phelan
  19. Women in Malpas WI
  20. The Best of Newport
  21. The Howard family
  22. The Brown family
  23. The Knight family
  24. Eric and Margaret McKeand
  25. The Donneky family
  26. The Sullivan family
  27. Lily Price
  28. Hadyn and Aderyn Lang
  29. Joanna Browning
  30. Layla-May Rose Miller
  31. Sam, Jack, Owain, Judith and Nick Hill
  32. Llewelyn Smith
  33. The Walpole family
  34. Gail Stone
  35. Ted and Glenda Malam
  36. Berin and Quinn Miller
  37. Emily Roberts
  38. Mr and Mrs Simon Roberts
  39. Ian and Jan Clement
  40. The Suret family
  41. Tracey and Martin Evans
  42. The Allen-Hitchin family
  43. Anita and Ray Nottingham
  44. Megan Cotton
  45. Gavin Evans
  46. Michael and Jill Johnson-Dunne
  47. The Thorne family
  48. Rosemary Moffat
  49. The Preece family
  50. Ellie and Carys May
  51. Alis and Sara Walbyoff
  52. Chloe Trow
  53. Norma Chambers
  54. The Trew family
  55. Emily and Francesca Sanders
  56. Stephen, Katie and Eden Hopes and Nicola Prettyjohns
  57. Reuben John Poulter
  58. Alan Pursell
  59. Ruby, Maisie and Lillie Sparks
  60. The Bond and Alder families
  61. Mike Wright and family
  62. Chris Slight
  63. Caitlin Reid
  64. Elaine Pressley
  65. Freddie Barber
  66. C. Caw
  67. Alison and Evie Tucker
  68. Amelie and Evelina Higgins and Isabella Williams
  69. Seren Blackmore
  70. Olivia and Isabelle Dudley
  71. Evan and Llew Griffiths
  72. Rizuan Hussain
  73. The Jenkins family
  74. Ronald Simmons
  75. Ella Laughton
  76. Jenny and Nick Frost
  77. Michael Courtney
  78. Jenny and Mick Guy
  79. Seren Curnock
  80. Megan Curnock
  81. Howells/Longfield
  82. B and C Perry
  83. Carol Hancock
  84. The Martin family
  85. The Martins family
  86. T. J. Whittaker
  87. R. B. Stuart
  88. Vaughan, Kaye, James, Isabelle, Ben and Zoë Bennett
  89. The Norman family
  90. The Price family
  91. Haydn Meredith
  92. Beverley Meredith
  93. Emily and Lori
  94. Susan, John and Pearl Barry
  95. Chris, Mary, David and Aimee Edmunds
  96. St Joseph’s Convent High School Old Girls Association
  97. Margaret Douglas
  98. Gwydion Kempson
  99. The Chapman family
  100. Kev, Lou and Grace Collett
  101. The Hickman family
  102. Heather, Lucy and Imogen Davies and Abigail, Daisy and James Barton
  103. Chris, Craig and John
  104. Seth Marshall
  105. The Fitchies family
  106. Austin Timbrell
  107. Ellie Phillips
  108. Bryony Gettins
  109. Gary and Linda Evans
  110. Oliver White
  111. Lyndon, Helen, Evan and Annie Picketts
  112. Rosemary Moffat
  113. The Jones family
  114. The Worth family
  115. Carrie, Bobby, Getthyn, Rhodri Burgoyne-Hale
  116. Christine Addecott
  117. Alexander Gunton
  118. The Jackson family
  119. The Hayden family
  120. The Clements family
  121. Tom Williams
  122. The Friends of Tredegar House
  123. Steve Parry-Hearn
  124. Jason Parry-Hearn
  125. James and Diane
  126. Robert Lewis
  127. The Choung family
  128. Tobias Dallimore
  129. Jeff Harris and family
  130. Gwynne and Christine Evans
  131. Emma Summerill
  132. Alison Hancock
  133. Ellis Pipe
  134. The Hurley and Neale family
  135. Caroline, Joss and Will
  136. The Burgess family
  137. The Bevan family
  138. Mike, Clare and Ethan Wilding
  139. Macy and Miller Cox
  140. Jane Cox
  141. Mandy Womack
  142. Bruce, Mandy and Helen Amelia Womack
  143. Team Stewart
  144. The Shaw family
  145. The Morgan family
  146. Daisy and Joshua Tirrell
  147. The Carless family
  148. Paul and Mair Enticott
  149. Emily Worth
  150. Sheilagh Bartlett and Shirley Megraw
  151. Irene Owen
A girl wearing hard hat climbs up the scaffolding staircase

Scaffold Climbs at Tredegar House 

Go behind the scenes and see how far we've come on this year long project to conserve our leaky roof.