Roof work begins at Tredegar House

The scaffolding build begins at Tredegar House

The contractors and scaffolders have arrived on site as Lifting the Lid gets underway...

Last week contractors Ellis and Co. and scaffolding company Pen Mill Scaffolding arrived on site to begin the roof repairs; much to the delight of our staff and volunteers who have been working hard to prepare for their arrival!

The contractors and scaffolders spent the first week sussing the lay of the land and installing much of their compound in the public park before adding protection to the ornate, gilded Edney Gates found at either end of the house façade, as well as the Victorian pump and other areas of the inner courtyard.

This week, the team have begun erecting the scaffolding in the inner courtyard and around the front façade, starting with the Gilt Room corner.

Scaffolding begins to cover up the iconic 17th-century façade.
Scaffolding around the Gilt Room at Tredegar House

With such a complex build on their hands we expect the scaffolders to be on site for the next 12 weeks. They will then return after the Christmas break to begin the removal of old slates on Wednesday 4 January.