The scaffolding is completed at Tredegar House

A scaffolding roof covering Tredegar House

What a difference a few months make!

The entire façade is now hidden behind a wall of scaffolding
Tredegar House encased in scaffolding

The scaffolding team have worked hard to keep the project running on time and complete the scaffolding build just in time for the Christmas break.

The small team of 10 scaffolders have battled against some terrible conditions over the past few weeks to ensure the scaffolding roof was installed safely and just in the nick of time. Tredegar House is now watertight for the first time in years and we are on track to begin the re-roof in the New Year. 

The installation of the scaffolding roof has by far been the most momentous part of the Lifting the Lid project to date.  It took the team just six days to hoist, build and roll out nine enormous aluminium beams to create the base for the waterproof fabric to be attached to. By rolling out the beams on tracks the team were able to eliminate the need to work from height or bring in a crane for installation. 

Each piece of fabric was then attached between the beams and rolled down from the central ridge creating a marquee-type roof for the contractors to work under.

With just a few areas to finish off, Pen Mill Scaffolding will be on site for another few days before they hand over the keys to the main contractors Ellis and Co. who begin work on Monday 9 January. 

The patterns of the Orangery Garden can be seen from the scaffolding
The Orangery Garden view from the House roof