Tredegar House; a Herstory

Olga Dolgorouky, the Russian Princess turned war-time nurse.

As part of the National Trust’s Women and Power celebrations, this year we will be readdressing the balance of the stories we tell at Tredegar House and shining a light on the women who have shaped our history.

With more than 500 years of history, Tredegar House has been passed down through generations of Morgan men for much of the Modern Age. This lineage has been well documented, along with the tales of William’s ambitions for the estate and Godfrey’s heroics in the Crimea War to Evan’s menagerie of exotic animals.  

But this is only half the story…

Not so well documented are the exploits of the women who lived and worked on the estate, many of whom were integral to the prosperity of the Morgan family as their influence and power in South Wales grew and grew. 

Many of the women would bring large dowries to their marriages, allowing the Morgan dynasty to grow and thrive.

One fought in the courts for her daughter’s right to inherit the estate itself, while another moved all the way from Russia and volunteered as a nurse during World War II, becoming a firm favourite with estate workers and the wider community alike. 

Maud Williams and Alice Stanbridge, Housekeeper and Maid at Tredegar House.
Maud Williams and Alice Stanbridge, Housekeeper and Maid at Tredegar House.
Maud Williams and Alice Stanbridge, Housekeeper and Maid at Tredegar House.

Sadly, we may never know all the answers to our questions about their lives. The further we go back in our history, the more difficult it gets to piece together the lives of the women who have made Tredegar House their home.

However, by following in their footsteps as you journey through the house, you can get a glimpse into their past and imagine how they spent their days here. 

We’re looking forward to sharing those tales previously kept quiet to make sure this group of influencers, pioneers and dedicated women in service are recognised in our time, even if they weren’t recognised in theirs.

A painting of Violet Mundy on horseback beside her father

In her shoes: walking in the footsteps of the women of Tredegar House 

As part of Tredegar House; a Herstory we’re exploring the lives of two women who made Tredegar House their home in the early 20th century.

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