Scaffold strike begins at Tredegar House

The scaffolding roof is taken down at Tredegar House

Just over twelve months since the contractors first arrived onsite we have begun to take down the enormous scaffolding structure surround Tredegar House.

While there are still some remedial works taking place, a huge amount of conservation work has taken place over the past 10 months.

The team begun by removing 35 tonnes of Welsh slate to reach the deteriorating timber underneath. The entire north-west range was repaired to prevent rainwater entering the house and damaging its precious contents and this area was then re-slated with heather blue slates from Penrhyn Quarry.

The newly watertight roof will allow the house to become more energy efficient, while also reducing the humidity risk to the collection and allow for the repurposing and redecoration of the worst hit rooms.

As well as the new slates the team have also worked hard to re-point and re-build five of the chimneys stacks, add pots to the chimney tops, repair 12 dormer windows, renew a number of flats roofs, undertake paint analysis, repair and repaint corbels and other decorative features and undertake stonework surveys and repairs.

While there will be future stonework repairs needed and further areas of the roof to be repaired the work carried out so far will go a long way to ensuring Tredegar House can be enjoyed forever, for everyone.