Trees & plants

We care for 25,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of woodland, 135 wild landscape sites and more than 200 gardens, and have as many wonderful stories to tell

Middle Lake at Sheffield Park and Garden, East Sussex
Tree Fern in sunlight at Glendurgan Garden in Cornwall

Tropical trends 

Luscious jungle plants and plump succulents may be the latest must-haves in home decoration, but with their mild climate and plentiful rain, gardens in the South West are ahead of the curve. Explore trend-setting tropical landscapes for yourself this summer.

A National Trust gardener clipping the yew topiary at Lanhydrock, Cornwall

Yew trees are helping fight cancer 

Notoriously lethal if eaten, the poisonous leaves and seeds of yew trees hold the key to treating cancer. By harnessing their power, these toxic chemical can disrupt the growth of cancerous cells and halt tumours in their tracks. Find out more about how hedge clippings can save lives.

Plant life
Stephen Herrington

An expedition to restore historical gardens 

Head gardeners Stephen Herrington and Neil Porteous this year headed for Tasmania on an expedition to restore their collections to their former glory.

Palm House

Five plants that changed Britain's gardens 

Adventurous 'plant-hunters' of the 18th and 19th centuries scoured the land in search of exotic and unusual trees and flowers. While they may not seem out of the ordinary today, these five plants have transformed British gardens.

Our landscapes

We value our landscape and as one of the UK’s largest landowners, keep our land accessible for future generations.