Trees & plants

We care for 25,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of woodland, 135 wild landscape sites and more than 200 gardens, and have as many wonderful stories to tell

The front drive at Blickling Hall lined with Christmas trees
A Christmas tree farm

Evergreens and Christmas trees 

Have you ever wondered how an evergreen keeps its leaves in winter, or why the fir has become such an iconic festive feature? Pam Smith, a garden consultant in the Midlands, reveals all.

Visitors in the forest at Cragside, Northumberland

Conserving Captain Fitzroy's Conifer 

The graceful conifers, brought to England in the 19th century, are the focus of a collaborative conservation effort.

A National Trust ranger overseeing the measuring of the girth of a beech tree on the Tyntesfield estate

Old, but not forgotten 

Gnarled, knobbly and centuries old, Bristol's ancient trees make the perfect home for all sorts of wildlife. Find out how rangers are preserving these veteran woodlands for years to come.

The ancient Ankerwycke Yew tree

Ancient trees Q&A 

What's the difference between an ancient tree and a veteran tree? And where's the best place to spot old trees? Our ancient trees adviser explains.

Plant life
Palm House

Five plants that changed Britain's gardens 

Adventurous 'plant-hunters' of the 18th and 19th centuries scoured the land in search of exotic and unusual trees and flowers. While they may not seem out of the ordinary today, these five plants have transformed British gardens.

Plants on a market stall

Conserving plants with a story to tell 

Caring for the our garden plants takes understanding, science and a very long view. Plants are among the most vulnerable of our possessions requiring attention and expertise.

Our landscapes

We value our landscape and as one of the UK’s largest landowners, keep our land accessible for future generations.