Trees & plants

We care for 25,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of woodland, 135 wild landscape sites and more than 200 gardens, and have as many wonderful stories to tell

Autumn trees at Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan.
Taking a stroll in the woods at Kingston Lacy

Awe-inspiring woodlands 

Whether you're climbing around a gnarled old trunk or gazing up into a riot of autumnal colour, the trees in our woodlands are spectacular during the autumn.

View of clough and hills

High hopes for trees in the High Peak 

High on the hills of the Peak District, a major tree-planting project is underway. From improving upland habitats for wildlife to restoring wetlands, find out how natural tree cover is helping to breathe life into the Peaks and valleys.

Identify ancient trees

Learn how to spot an ancient tree with our handy guide.

The ancient Ankerwycke Yew tree

Ancient trees Q&A 

What's the difference between an ancient tree and a veteran tree? And where's the best place to spot old trees? Our ancient trees adviser explains.

Meet the gardeners

Plant life
Plants on a market stall

Conserving plants with a story to tell 

Caring for the our garden plants takes understanding, science and a very long view. Plants are among the most vulnerable of our possessions requiring attention and expertise.

Our landscapes

We value our landscape and as one of the UK’s largest landowners, keep our land accessible for future generations.