Trees & plants

We manage 25,000 hectares (61,776 acres) of woodland, 135 landscape sites and over 200 wonderful gardens full of trees and plants to explore and enjoy.

Trees in clearing
Plants on a market stall

Conserving plants with a story to tell 

Caring for the our garden plants takes understanding, science and a very long view. Plants are among the most vulnerable of our possessions requiring attention and expertise.

Child playing in a tree at Hatfield Forest, Essex

A new Tree Charter for the 21st century 

We have joined the call for a new Tree Charter to protect people’s rights to the benefits of trees and woods.

Tree stories
Measuring the champion horse chestnut tree

Our top trees 

We look after thousands of trees in gardens, parks, woods and countryside so it’s not surprising that some are ‘Champion Trees’ – the tallest or thickest of their particular species – as recorded by the Tree Register of the British Isles. We also care for many ‘Notable Trees’ with connections to historical events and famous people. Some of our trees have even had a star turn on the silver screen.

View looking up the trunk of a tree

Observatree tree disease early warning system 

Our trees are under unprecedented threat from both new and established pests and diseases.

" Nature plays a central role in my life. Like millions of people I need a daily dose of wild nature and yet the very future of the places and species that we love are under huge pressure."
- Gwen Potter, Area Ranger Ceredigion
Plants at our places
Wicken fen  - Mere landscape

Land and landscape

Our land and landscapes are incredibly precious. Find out what we're doing to protect them and keep them amazing for future generations