The house at Uppark

View of Uppark House from dairy.

The house at Uppark is a great reflection of life upstairs and downstairs with the maze of servants' quarters below stairs and the larger, grander rooms on the ground floor.


Step back in time and delve into the subterranean world of the Uppark servants. 


The servants' quarters open at 11am,  before the rest of the house, so make that your first stop before heading up to the ground floor to see the life of those living ‘above stairs’. 

Don’t forget to visit our spectacular 18th century doll's house. No visit to Uppark would be complete without it.

Explore the miniature rooms
The dolls' house at Uppark

From 12.30pm explore the world of ‘above stairs’. See how The Fetherstonhaugh family lived in the 18th century. You’ll discover many beautiful items from across Europe, collected by Sir Matthew and Lady Sarah during their leisurely two-year Grand Tour; from Dutch blue-and-white pottery to family portraits painted in Rome.

The dining room at Uppark House, Sussex
The dining room at Uppark House, Sussex

Caring for our collection

Uppark’s collection is very important and many of the items in the house are sensitive to light. To conserve the collection, the ground floor of the house opens a little later than the servants’ quarters. You’ll notice that sometimes we lower the blinds to help reduce the natural light entering the rooms to protect the fabric of the collection.

The conservation team are busy cleaning paintings inside the house
The conservation team are busy cleaning paintings at Killerton, Devon

Throughout the year, you will have opportunities to talk to the staff and volunteers as they work. They can tell you what it takes to keep this family home functioning and how its collection is looked after. At times, part of the collection may be covered up and access to some rooms restricted.