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Explore the house at Anglesey Abbey

The South Front of Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire
Anglesey Abbey seen from the south lawn | © National Trust Images/Serena Wyman

A passion for tradition and impressing guests inspired one man to transform a rundown country house and desolate landscape. Discover the many layers that Anglesey Abbey has to offer, and explore its rich history from monastic priory to 20th-century home.

A home for Lord Fairhaven

At the age of 30, the future Lord Fairhaven began to create his first home. Wanting to inspire and surprise visitors, he created a spectacular garden with planting for all seasons, along with a cosy house in which to entertain.

Life revolved around horse racing and shooting, and guests enjoyed 1930s luxury.

Step through a different door and immerse yourself in a small but perfectly formed experience.

The Magic of Books

A new exhibition for 2023, running from 1 April until the end of the year.

The Magic of Books showcases the quality, beauty and variety of books at Anglesey Abbey, one of the National Trust’s most significant library collections.

The exhibition gives access to books which haven't been seen on public display before. As well as providing information about the books, it also highlights the book conservation and research work that takes place at Anglesey Abbey.

Most of the 9000 books in the collection were bought to be read. Some were bought for their artistic quality and represent some outstanding examples of colour plates and fine bindings. Many were inherited by Lord Fairhaven from the library on board his parent’s yacht.

The Magic of Books display will change seasonally and include specialist talks and a staff or volunteer book of the month.

One of the books on display for spring is Hortus Floridus, widely considered to be the most celebrated horticultural book of the 1600s, which features an illustration of Fritillaria imperialis, commonly known as crown imperial, which you can see in the gardens at Anglesey Abbey. You can even buy your own from the plant centre.

Another is William Lewin's The Birds of Great-Britain, with their Eggs (1789-94) featuring colour illustrations of a grey heron and mistle thrush, both of which can be found on the estate at Anglesey Abbey. This is thought to be one of the rarest bird books as each copy was hand painted.

The books featured in the exhibition can be found in Treasures from Lord Fairhaven’s Library at Anglesey Abbey and 100 Books from the National Trust, both of which are for sale in the shop.

We look forward to welcoming you to discover the Magic of Books.

Explore the rooms at Anglesey Abbey

Living Room at Anglesey Abbey Cambridgeshire National Trust
The Living Room as seen from the west end of the house | © National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

Living Room

The Living Room features a 17th-century fireplace and sofas separated by a Samarkand rug.

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Other areas to discover

Domestic Wing

The Domestic Wing of the house has been restored to how it looked in the 1960s when it was last used as a private home.

When Lord Fairhaven left Anglesey Abbey to the Trust in the 1960s, he wanted it preserved so that people could see what his life was like.

The Domestic Wing reveals the hard work that went on behind the scenes.

Library Corridor

This corridor includes the Abbey Room, the Ship Room, the Bathroom, the Business Room and the Library.

Newmarket Corridor

This includes the Newmarket Bedroom, the Newmarket Bathroom, the Cambridge Room and the Queens Bedroom and Bathroom.

Windsor Corridor

This includes the Windsor Room, the Windsor Bathroom and the Quy Room.

Visitors in the Newmarket Corridor at Anglesey Abbey, Cambridgeshire

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