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Snowdrops at Anglesey Abbey

A close up images of a cluster of white snowdrops
Snowdrops in bloom at Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire | © National Trust Images/Ray Dale

Anglesey Abbey has one of the finest snowdrop collections in the country, with 400 varieties of these delicate white flowers, many of which are rare. Take in their beauty amongst a collection of classical statues and wander through the Winter Garden, also in its prime at this time of year.

When to see the Anglesey Abbey snowdrops

Now is the best time to come and see the snowdrops around the gardens. There are already hundreds of snowdrops in flower all over the grounds. Look out for the 'snowdrop hotspot' signs and don't miss the Woodland Path, Jubilee Avenue and the Winter Garden.

The snowdrop collection at Anglesey Abbey

The snowdrop collection here at Anglesey Abbey hosts approximately 400 individual varieties of snowdrop, with some found right here in our gardens and as such, are named after people and places with links to Anglesey Abbey.

Galanthus nivalis 'Anglesey Abbey'

Taking its name from its place of origin, this snowdrop was discovered at Anglesey Abbey. It is the green v-shape mark on the tips of the inner petals which gives this single snowdrop its recognisable features, and it often flowers around the middle of January.

Galanthus 'Richard Ayres'

‘Richard Ayres’ was named by the National Trust after a former Head Gardener. Its flowers can range from three to six petals, meaning it can be described as irregular, and it has been known to grow to heights of up to 30cm.

Galanthus 'Hobson's Choice'

Made up from singular flowers, this snowdrop has a distinctive v-shape mark on the inner petals. Named after Thomas Hobson, who purchased Anglesey Abbey in 1627 and converted it from a derelict priory to the country house you see today, and who is also known for his ‘take that one or none’ approach.

Where to find our snowdrops

Snowdrops can be found across the gardens and you do not need to book a tour to see them. Here are some of the best spots:

The Winter Garden

The first snowdrops to appear are usually found beneath the splendor of the Winter Garden. Generally visible from mid-December, this is a favourite pathway to spot several different varieties of the delicate white flowers whilst also enjoying the sensory planting surrounding them.

The Woodland Path

Along with daffodils and hellebores, the Woodland Path and Woodland Play Area access path provide a natural setting for small clumps of some of our more common snowdrops. If you're heading through either of these paths, keep an eye out for them as they can often spread with each passing year.

The Specialist Collection Tours

The specialist collection contains some of the snowdrops that are directly linked with Anglesey Abbey, and is only accessible as part of a guided tour. Join one of our knowledgeable garden team to discover our private collection of snowdrops, not usually accessible to visitors. Snowdrop tours have finished for 2024 but we'll be back again in January and February 2025. We look forward to welcoming you.

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