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Where to see daffodils in Northern Ireland

The classical front of Castle Ward house, Northern Ireland, with drifts of daffodils in front of it
Daffodils brighten up the view of the house at Castle Ward | © National Trust Images/John Miller

Gardens, parks and woodlands come to life with the arrival of spring. These bright bulbs burst into life in gardens and woods heralding the arrival of spring from February through to May. Enjoy these dazzling seasonal displays.

Castle Ward, County Down
Beautiful sights fill the estate as flowers begin to blossom after the winter hibernation. Daffodils bloom brightly, followed by bluebells.See the daffodils at Castle Ward
Florence Court, County Fermanagh
Sights and sounds of spring, including thousands of cheery daffodils, can be found all over the estate.See the daffodils at Florence Court
Mount Stewart, County Down
This world-famous garden regenerates for spring with daffodils bringing the colour of sunshine into the lawns, beds and verges.See the daffodils at Mount Stewart
Rowallane, County Down,
Filled with plants from around the world, Rowallane bursts into colour in late spring with the arrival of the daffodils. Find them clustered under trees and lining the perennial borders as you walk the garden paths.See the daffodils at Rowallane
Springhill, County Londonderry
Springhill has a fantastic display of daffodils each spring, and with 600 new bulbs being planted every autumn the collection is always increasing. Come and see the wonderful display of these bright and beautiful spring flowers and see how many different varieties you can spot.See the daffodils at Springhill
Evening visitors take their dogs into the Laburnum Arch at Bodnant Garden, North Wales

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