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Looking across the wildflower meadow, with red, white and blue flowers, to the Clock Tower
The Turning Yard at Clumber Park | © Johanna Mather
Nottinghamshire & Lincolnshire

Northern Clumber heath and woods walk

Explore some of the lesser-known parts of Clumber Park on this invigorating 5.5 mile circular walk through heath and woodland.

Total steps: 8

Total steps: 8

Start point

The Clock Tower in the Turning Yard, within the main visitor facilities.

Step 1

Leave the Turning Yard, past the toilet block and follow the path right as it becomes a road. This road is usually car free but please be aware of estate vehicles.

Step 2

Follow the road until you come to a crossroads. Cross over and take the road opposite (take care here). Follow until you come to Lime Tree Avenue. Cross here (busy road, take care), turn right and after approximately 100 metres, turn left along a tarmac road past/through a wooden barrier (normally traffic-free). Further on. go through a gate adjacent to the cattle grid.

Step 3

Look out for an information board about heathland on your left. Almost opposite, on the right, is an orange way mark. Take the path on the right to follow orange way marker. Follow a grassy track leading uphill into woodland. Take the first left onto a woodland path heading towards a metal gate. Continue through the gate and turn right. Do not turn off this path until you reach a road. Turn right following the orange way marker at the roadside. Cross the road where you see a wooden barrier on the opposite side. Follow the path past the barrier. At the T-junction with a red shale path, turn left (beware of cyclists).

4 Longhorn cattle grazing in a field
Longhorn cattle at Clumber Park | © Johanna Mather

Step 4

After a short distance, approximately 100 metres, turn right and follow the path through the woodland. After a while, heathland can be seen through the tress on your right. At the crossroads of paths, continue straight on, following the orange way mark sign (Cycle mark 19, post 17). Cross over the junction of paths.

Step 5

At the T-junction with the wide path, turn right and follow the orange way mark. Before you reach double wooden gates, turn left. Follow the path up the hill (Heron Hill Wood) At the first crossroads (at the very top of the hill) marked by Cycle Post 15, turn right and continue on the main path.

Step 6

Where the path meets the road, turn right and walk to the crossroads, passing the caravan site entrance on your right. Cross Lime Tree Avenue (take care of traffic, this can be a busy road) and turn right. Follow the path between the two avenues of trees. Continue until you come to a bridle path on your left, marked as cycle route 8. Go through the double wooden gate.

A double row of lime trees
Lime Tree Avenue at Clumber Park | © Andrew Butler

Step 7

Follow the main path and head towards the road in front of you. Cross the road and follow the path until you glimpse the lake on your left. Here the path bends sharply to the right. Do not go through the metal gate. Follow the path with the fence on your left until you reach a road. Turn left towards a cattle grid and metal gate. Go through the metal gate and cross the road. Head towards the metal barrier. Pass by the metal barrier and follow Cycle Route 8.

Swans swimming on the lake at sunset at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire
Swans swimming on the lake at Clumber Park at sunset | © National Trust Images/Annapurna Mellor

Step 8

Follow the path up the hill. Carry straight on at the crossroads. At the post marked Lakeside, Southern and Northern, turn right onto the path through the woodland. At the metal gate, turn left and walk towards the red shale path (car parking area on your right). The Chapel Spire is visible above the trees. Follow the shale path, passing the Cycle Hire facility on your left, the accessible car park on your right and return to the main visitor facilities.

End point

Main visitor facilities

Trail map

Clumber Park Northern Clumber heath and woodlands walk Ordnance Survey map
The Clumber Park Northern Clumber heath and woodlands walk | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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