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Light beams through onto a broad track running between tall green trees at Attingham Park, Shropshire
Light and shade through the Woodland Walk at Attingham Park, Shropshire | © National Trust
Shropshire & Staffordshire

Long (4.5km) Repton Run, Attingham Park

Follow the red waymarkers for this longer, intermediate run on a circular route across the Attingham Deer Park. At 4.5km (just under 3 miles) the route's easy to follow. It starts from the Deer Park bridge, taking you through woodland, past deer sanctuaries and along a Second World War concrete transport path.

Going the distance

This is the final of three Repton Run routes designed to get you confident in running further. This intermediate route is a great challenge and you'll feel a real sense of achievement when you complete it – and ready to take on a 5k.

Total steps: 17

Total steps: 17

Start point

Attingham Deer Park bridge, grid ref: SJ552098

Step 1

From the car park, head through the Stables Courtyard bearing right following signs to the Mansion and Deer Park Walks. Head along the path at the side of the Mansion and follow the path across the front of the Mansion and down to the Deer Park gate, passing through the gate in the parkland.

Black metal wooden gates lead into grassy parkland lit by low sun at Attingham Park, Shropshire
Your run begins at these Deer Park gates, just after the bridge | © National Trust

Step 2

Turn to your left to find the first run marker, have a final stretch and you're off. Follow the path along, keeping the fence line and the river to your left.

A short wooden waymark post with a painted arrow stands in short-cropped grassy parkland at Attingham, Shropshire
Follow the red waymarkers for this route | © National Trust

Step 3

Pass the next marker where you continue straight on, following the green and red routes. Keep going with the fence and river to your left, slowly moving into more enclosed woodland and ferns.

Step 4

Eventually you will spot a large gate, which you should pass through out of the Deer Park and into the woodland.

Step 5

Follow the path along through the woods until you find the next waymarker on a fingerpost, which points you to turn right for the green and red routes. Turn and continue along the path.

Step 6

You will shortly arrive at another fingerpost, which points you to turn right. Turn and head along a long wooded path known as the Botany Bay Plantation until arriving at a carved wooden peacock.

Step 7

From the carved peacock, follow the red route marked on the fingerpost to continue straight ahead on a narrower path marked Woodland Walk.

A wooden carved peacock in the middle of a forest track, with a wooden signpost to the left, in the woodland at Attingham, Shropshire
Head straight on at the carved wooden peacock | © National Trust

Step 8

This part of the run is a clear gravel path taking you through woodland known as New Plantation.

Step 9

Where the path bends there is a waymarker pointing to the right to guide you along the main path. Eventually you will arrive at a large gate taking you back into the Deer Park. Pass through and head slightly left following the sign to the World War II Walk, to head down into the Deer Park.

Step 10

Continue down through the grass to join a concrete path (the remains of the Second World War vehicle roads) heading straight on. Do not turn left or right. Continue along the concrete path until you pass the waymarker to bend to the right, following along the concrete path until it finishes, returning you to grass.

Step 11

At this point you are at the heart of the Deer Park facing the deer sanctuary. Head round to the left at a second marker, shortly after which you descend though grassland.

Step 12

Head over the boardwalk to another gate. Head through the gate and join the concrete path turning right at the marker to take you through the woodland.

Step 13

Pass through a gate and over a boardwalk where a marker points you along the path.

Step 14

Head down through more open parkland until you pass through another gate back into woodland. Head through the close woodland following the path until you come to a final gate leading back out into the Deer Park.

Step 15

Turn left as you leave the gate to join a grass path leading past a little lodge and the park boundary on your left – there is a marker to help guide you. Keep going straight until you see a marker on your left directing you to follow the path around to the right.

Step 16

As you bend round to the right, the river passes directly in front of you, moving to your left so you are running next to the river with the parkland on your right. Continue straight along the main path with the river on your left until you spot the slope back towards the Deer Park gates on your left.

Step 17

Congratulations, you've just run 4.5km! Why not cool down with a stretch, then a gentle walk around the estate or back to the Stables Courtyard for some refreshments?

End point

Attingham Deer Park bridge, grid ref: SJ552098

Trail map

Ordnance Survey map of the Long Repton Run at Attingham Park, Shropshire
Map of the Long Repton Run at Attingham Park, Shropshire | © Crown copyright and database rights 2013 Ordnance Survey

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