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A view of the Ickworth Monument
Ickworth Monument | © Andrew Butler

Ickworth Estate | Monument Trail

This route forms the second ½ of the Multi-use track (The first half is the Linnet Valley trail). Taking you to the Monument at the southern end of the park, passing St Mary’s Church, The Walled garden and returning past the Fairy Lake. One of the highlights is the spectacular view across the Linnet Valley to the Rotunda.

Total steps: 15

Total steps: 15

Start point

Car Park, grid reference TL814616

Step 1

From the Car Park turn right and take the gravel road past Porter’s Lodge. Take the right fork and continue to the five bar Deer Park gate.

Step 2

Continue straight on and look out for the Parson's pond on your right, then continue on past St Mary’s church on your left. The path bears right alongside the Walled Garden and continues downhill to the bottom of the Deer park and a bridge. Dogs are not allowed into the Walled Garden.

Step 3

Cross the bridge and up Stoney Hill in front of you. (The trail leading right is the Linnet Valley trail). This was the Chevington Way used by villagers to take their livestock and produce to the market in Bury St Edmunds. Near the top the road bears left between Stoneyhill Wood and Downter’s Wood.

Step 4

Just before the gravel path bears left you will pass one of Ickworth’s Wellingtonia (sequoiadendron giganteum) world’s largest trees. Go through the five bar gate and to your left are 3 trees an ideal picnic spot which gives you one of the best views looking across to the Walled Garden, St. Mary’s Church and Rotunda.

Step 5

Follow the gravel path through the five bar gate into the woods through a herb rich meadow.

Step 6

Follow the gravel path for about ½ mile (1 km) as it meanders its way through Chevington Field Plantation and Lownde Wood. You may see Roe deer between the trees or hear Woodpeckers.

Step 7

The gravel path follows alongside Monument Meadow and you will glimpse the Monument through the trees. Shortly a path will appear on your right take this go through the five bar gate and walk across the meadow to the monument. (the field may not be suitable to mobility scooters / wheelchairs) This meadow on the southern boundary at 105m is the highest point on the estate and the 2nd highest in Suffolk. Lord Bristol’s Monument is 95 feet high made of limestone with lengthy inscription in memory of the Early Bishop and was erected in 1817.

Step 8

Retrace your steps to the gravel path and turn right, as you pass Martin’s Green Field where you can see the Rotunda in the distance.

Step 9

Just past Ivy Cottage the path bears left in to Lady Katherine’s Wood. Walking through this wood you may be lucky to see Fallow Deer that roam this park. Soon you will pass the Round House a former gamekeeper’s cottage, now a National Trust holiday cottage and another Wellingtonia tree.

The exterior of The Round House, a National Trust holiday cottage with white walls built in a circular design. The house sits in a glade in a wooded area in summer.
The exterior of The Round House | © National Trust Images/Mike Henton

Step 10

Continuing down the path you soon arrive at the Fairy lake, which was created by damming the River Linnet and the path runs along the top of the dam. There is a bench facing the lake, take a moment to rest and appreciate the silence and view. Along with the Mallard Ducks and Coots you may be lucky and see a Heron. Near to the bench is a path that drops down steps and along a board walk which joins your path further along (this is not suitable for mobility scooters, wheelchairs or pushchairs).

Step 11

Just past the lake the path turns left and follows the river Linnet. From here you can get glimpses of the Rotunda across Tuft Close.

Step 12

Staying on the gravel path, you will come across a bird hide where you can observe an abundant variety of birds. Continue along this path up alongside the Walled Garden (dogs are not allowed into the Walled Garden, with the exception to assistance dogs.). You will shortly pass St. Mary’s Church.

Step 13

At St. Mary’s Church, drop in and see the 13th century altar with the 14th century wall painting of the Annunciation of Angel Gabriel. The field behind the church is the site of the Ickworth Medieval Hall.

Step 14

As you walk on you will see a row of Oak trees to your left which is the site of the Hamlet of Ickworth. You will soon pass Parsons Pond which is near the site of the parsonage, burnt down in the 16th century. From the original deeds the parsonage consisted of a 'hall, a parlour, a dairy and buttery, two little lower chambers, and three upper chambers.

Step 15

Pass through the five bar gate and take the second turn on your right which leads you to West Wing and the Rotunda, or straight ahead past Porters Lodge and to the Car Park.

End point

Car Park, grid reference TL814616

Trail map

An OS map of the monument trail walk
Monument Trail Walk, Ickworth Estate, Suffolk | © Ordnance Survey

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