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Things to do in Tredegar House

A view of the front of the red mansion house
The mansion, constructed by William and Blanche Morgan between 1672 and 1674 | © Aled Llywelyn, National Trust

Tredegar House has seen its fair share of dark days and golden ages. From a 'faire place of stone' to the flamboyant, 17th-century red-brick Restoration mansion you see today. Step inside and see a glistening Gilt Room, with carvings of wild and wonderful creatures. Visit the Great Kitchen and discover what would have been a bustling space full of life and complete with an enormous cauldron.

Discover Tredegar House

It was the home of the Morgan family (later Lords Tredegar), an influential and proud Welsh family who claimed descent from the Welsh princes. They dominated the political, social and economic scene of Brecon, Glamorgan and Monmouth up until the 1940s.

Lavish exteriors

The house was first built in medieval times and records of the house during the Tudor period describe a very different mansion to the one you see today. Originally of stone, the building was extended and re-modelled in lavish red brickwork around 1674. If you stroll through the Cedar Garden, you’ll see the two eras in the bricks and mortar.

A large, oval painting on the decorative plaster ceiling is the focus of the Gilt Room at Tredegar House, Newport, which is richly decorated with gold-framed paintings on the walls, and chairs upholstered with purple fabric.
The Gilt Room at Tredegar House | © National Trust Images/Andreas von Einsiedel

Immerse yourself in history

It's not just in the exterior of the house that you'll see the changes. Step inside and discover some of the most influential periods in history brought to life.

The Morgans' legacy of flamboyancy and freedom to really be yourself is something that will hopefully make you feel at home when you visit. So don't expect to be whispering in corridors. Get ready to immerse yourself in history as you discover more about Tredegar House’s distinctive story.

Top things to see inside Tredegar House

Seventeenth-century rooms

Be dazzled by the glistening Gilt Room and retrace the dancing footsteps of the Morgan family in this glorious entertainment space.

Marvel at the exquisite carvings of serpents, lions and griffins in the oak panels in the Brown Room and ornate plasterwork, mouldings and gilding throughout.

Inside the pastry room at Tredegar House, Newport. There's a large wooden table with baking utensils on it in the centre and shelves line the blue-painted walls.
The pastry room at Tredegar House | © National Trust Images/Chris Lacey

Below stairs

These rooms would have been a hive of activity when the family were at home. Stand under the high ceilings of the Great Kitchen and imagine how much work would have gone into one of the Morgans’ many feasts. Look out for the impressive old boiler and enormous cauldron used for preparing meals.

The 1930s bedrooms

Get a feel for Evan's eccentricity in the King's Room and keep an eye out for photos of his boxing kangaroo called Somerset, and Blue Boy, the parrot he taught only rude words. Along the corridor, the Blue and Red Bedrooms reflect memories from Russian Princess, Olga Dolgarouky, Evan’s second wife who came to Tredegar House in 1939. Don’t miss the Cedar Closet at the back of the house, with its unusual wooden fittings.

Things to do for families inside Tredegar House

Our dedicated team of house hosts will share tales of Tredegar as you wander from room to room.

Create your own stories about the history of Tredegar House with our ready-made puppets in the Morning Room. Don’t forget to spot the weird and wonderful faces carved into the oak panels in the Brown Room. Keep an eye out for serpents, lions and griffins.

A mother and child play with silhouette puppets
Our interactive puppet display has returned | © Trevor Ray Hart, National Trust
A view of the north-west front of Tredegar House, Newport, from outside its decorative black-and-gold-painted wrought-iron gates.

Discover more at Tredegar House

Find out when Tredegar House is open, how to get here, the things to see and do and more.

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A large, oval painting on the decorative plaster ceiling is the focus of the Gilt Room at Tredegar House, Newport, which is richly decorated with gold-framed paintings on the walls, and chairs upholstered with purple fabric.

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