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Celebrating blossom at Brockhampton

A woman carrying a child amongst the pink blossom branches.
Visitors admiring blossom at Brockhampton | © ©National Trust Images/Barbara Evripidou

In 2024, we are celebrating the blossoming orchards at Brockhampton with trails, spotting sheets, and creative activities in the manor house. We will also be continuing our partnership with artist-led organisation Salt Road, whose inspiring programme of activity aims to connect people with the orchards, exploring the rich biodiversity of these priority habitats.

Discover blossom at Brockhampton

Brockhampton is home to the largest orchards cared for by the National Trust, making it the perfect place to enjoy the spectacular displays of blossom during the spring. With 3km of accessible paths, natural play in the orchard rooms, and hammocks that swing beneath the branches, there is a way for everyone to enjoy the beauty of blossom in the reimagined orchards at Brockhampton.

Blossom spotting guides

With over 145 acres of orchards across the estate, it can be tough to know exactly when and where you can see the blossoming trees. This year, you can pick up a free blossom spotting guide at Visitor Reception which will show you the different locations of fruit trees around the orchards and when each tree is most likely to blossom. We will also be adding more tree identification signs around the orchards throuhgout the year to help you identify which tree is which through into the autumn.

Nature rubbing trail

From mid-April, you can also take part in our blossom ‘nature rubbing’ trail. This trail is suitable for all ages and will lead you to six different fruiting trees around the orchards. At each tree you can learn more about the different animals that rely on the fruit trees at Brockhampton and you can add a nature rubbing print onto your trail sheet.

Click here to find out more about the blossom spotting and the nature rubbing trail.

A visitor walking their dog on a lead between rows of Damson trees in blossom at Brockhampton
A dog walker admiring the Damson trees in blossom at Brockhampton | © National Trust Images / John Millar

Salt Road and Blossom festival days

In 2023, we worked in partnership with Salt Road's We Foragers Unquiet, an artist-led programme funded by Arts Council England, which featured 11 artists creating artworks, workshops and exhibitions exploring the orchards and the importance of biodiversity. This partnership also welcomed community groups from Birmingham and Hereford to Brockhampton, with the aim of to introducing more urban audiences to the estate.

We are pleased to say that we will be continuing our partnership with Salt Road in 2024, once again encouraging visitors to connect with our orchard landscape and create their own artisitc responses to these priortiy habitats.

In April and May, Salt Road and Brockhampton will be expanding and strenghtening the relationships developed during last years We Foragers Unquiet programme. We will be introducing more community groups to the outdoor spaces at Brockhampton, creating opportunities for these urban audiences to access and respond to nature through new cultural experiences.

Salt Road will also be hosting two blossom festival days in April featuring a range of drop-in workshops led by different artists. Through illustration, photography, food art, and performance, these festival days aim to immerse visitors in the beauty of blossom and highlight the significance of biodiversity in our orchards.

Blossom festival days will be taking place on Sunday 14 and Sunday 21 April. They are free to take part in however normal admission applies.

Click here to find out more about blossom festival days.

Two people standing around a table within the 'nest', which is a tall circular space made from large sticks to look like a giant birds nest to
'The Nest' - a workshop space created and used by We Foragers Unquiet | © National Trust Images/Barbara Evripidou

Blossom in the manor house

We're bringing the bloom into the manor house this spring! Throughout the house, discover handcrafted paper blossom and spring displays while learning more about orchard folklore with an information trail. We have also got several activities to celebrate the arrival of spring...

Medieval remedies and spring tonics displays - Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April, 11am to 3pm

Traditional teas and remedy brewing - Tuesday 23 April, 11am to 4pm

Trow community sail design - Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 April, 11am to 4pm

Oak Leaf mask making - Wednesday 1 and Monday 6 May, 11am to 4pm

Click here to find out more about these activities.

A table in the kitchen at Brockhampton, with bottles of juice, cooking ingredients and equipment, a recipe book, and a basket of apples.
The manor house kitchen at Brockhampton | © National Trust Images/Andrew Butler

Event information:

To find out more about all of our blossom events and activities, click the links below:

Blossom spotting and naturing rubbing trail in the orchards

Salt Road blossom festival days

Blossom activities in the manor house

'Reimagining' the lost orchards project

From 2019 to 2022, we worked with our local community to restore three lost orchards at Brockhampton. Across 21 acres, over 700 trees have been planted, including field maple, hazel, elder and blackthorn, as well as many varieties of apple, damson, pear, plum and quince. Each one has been chosen to provide the best ecological mix for pollination and habitat development to encourage the orchard to establish, grow and flourish.

A parent carrying a small child around the garden at Brockhampton and another child walking behind, with the manor house and moat in the background

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