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Outdoor activities at Brimham Rocks

Young girl abseiling one of the taller rocks
Climb and abseil some of the tallest rocks at Brimahm | © Paul Harris

Whether you are looking for a gentle activity or something more energetic, there are plenty of opportunities available to explore Brimham Rocks. Take a stroll through the historical surroundings, marvel at the unique geology, or get the whole family involved with some orienteering and geocaching.

Brimham Rocks provide a wonderful place for an adventure for all the family but please explore safely

The rocks and paths can become slippery when wet. Always keep an eye on children, there are sudden drops and steep slopes across the site. If you're visiting Brimham Rocks to take part in activities such as rock climbing, please make sure you have someone with you and take extra care at height. If you need assistance, please call the emergency services (999) and ask for mountain rescue.


There are plenty of walking routes to discover at Brimham Rocks and the surrounding Nidderdale countryside – an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

If you're taking part in any of the recommended walks, please park in the main Brimham Rocks car park. Parking on the roads or private tracks obstructs farmers’ access to their land and prevents emergency services reaching the site.


Join the international digital treasure hunt. There are geocaches hidden away around the rocks, moorland and woodland of Brimham Rocks. They combine two separate trails.

The first is suitable for the novice, staying closer to the rocky area. The second route, A(dvanced) B(rimham) C(aches), follows the Boundary Walk and offers a slight challenge to the more experienced treasure hunter.

To get started download the geocaching app, sign up and get exploring.

All the geocaches at Brimham are traditional caches. Coordinates for 11 of them are on the geocaching website so you can go straight out to find them. To find the remaining two (one for each series), however, you have to collect clues hidden in the other boxes to give you the final coordinates for the bonus cache.

This way, you have the enjoyment of the walk, the fun of finding the caches and a bit of mind-stretching to find the last ones. There are other National Trust places with hidden geocaches within their boundaries, so this allows you to combine the experience of geocaching with the enjoyment of the place.


Have a go at orienteering at Brimham Rocks. There is a permanent course available all year round, whatever the weather. Pick up a map from the visitor centre on arrival and start your adventure. The course is perfect for beginners, families, dog-walkers and school groups.

Download our orienteering course

Four children looking and pointing at their orienteering maps with the rock formations behind them.
Download the orienteering course and head on an adventure | © Paul Harris


Brimham's varied and dramatic natural landscape makes it the most diverse landscape in Yorkshire for climbing. If you've got the equipment and the enthusiasm, then come and have a go.

Check our What’s On pages for opportunities to join a taster session or climbing and abseiling day with our partners Live for Today.

Climbing on the rocks can be dangerous and requires skill and special equipment. Please be aware of heights and sudden drops and keep children under close supervision.

What types of climbing are available at Brimham?

Bouldering: The most accessible and most varied climbing technique, this involves placing a crash pad (or bouldering mat) on the ground below the rock face then exploring the lower part of the rock. Instructors keep an eye on safety and help with equipment such as chalk and tape. Brimham has many ideal locations and interesting rock shapes to try this out.

Roped climbing: Here, an instructor sets up a system of ropes to recreate the security of an indoor climbing wall. At Brimham, the taller rock faces overlook the stunning valley of Lower Nidderdale.

Weaseling: Ideal for children, this involves scrambling through tight spaces, around twisty passages and discovering the rocks' nooks and crannies.

Abseiling: This is a fun and spectacular day out. There are occasional charity abseiling days at Brimham.

Stacked rock formation at Brimham Rocks, with blue sky above

Discover more at Brimham Rocks

Find out how to get to Brimham Rocks, where to park, the things to see and do and more.

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